India Set to Grow Old Before Getting Rich, Miss Out on Superpower Status

An informative article explaining India’s financial condition, its reasons and solutions
भारताची आजची आर्थिक स्थिती, त्यामागची कारणे आणि उपाय सांगणारा माहितीपूर्ण लेख

Astute News

The year is 2007. The monsoon had just arrived in Mumbai and it was pouring cats and dogs. The windows of the Premier Padmini kaali-peeli I am in are stuck and don’t go up beyond a point. By the time I reach the Taj Mahal Hotel in Apollo Bunder, near the Gateway of India, my clothes are wet.

I had gone to cover a press conference about the launch of yet another diversified equity mutual fund scheme.

Five minutes into the presentation by the fund manager of the scheme, the “IDD slide” came along. A bull market in stocks was on and, to cash in on that, almost every week a new mutual fund scheme was being launched. And almost all the presentations had what I had started calling the IDD slide, where IDD stood forIndia’s Demographic Dividend.

The demographic dividend of a country is essentially a period…

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