“सिल्क रुट” चा प्रवास – एक अनुभव

This blog is about Seyyah. Indian author Gautham Reddy Nallavari recently wrote a book on his epic journey through 8 nations. Few days ago I enjoyed reading Seyyah, the new travel book by Gautham Reddy Nallavari. It chronicles his journey which spans 20,000 kms and 8 nations viz. Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, […] via… Continue reading “सिल्क रुट” चा प्रवास – एक अनुभव

अहमदाबाद येथील दगडी जाळ्यांंतून साकारलेले चित्र

Yin and yang. Negative and positive. Feminine and masculine. Dark and light. Two sides which together make a whole. Sidi Saeed, an Ethiopian who found his way to the Gujarat Sultanate’s army via Yemen, way back in 1572, seemed to have some inkling of this. Armed with 45 sculptors, “the nobleman who helped the poor […]… Continue reading अहमदाबाद येथील दगडी जाळ्यांंतून साकारलेले चित्र