Onset of terrorism and Women’s education in Kashmir valley

Information about women,s education in Kashmir


Mariam Karim

In the late eighties the unease had begun already…the Governments sitting at the Centre took no cognizance of it, paid no heed to the warning signs of growing restlessness and sense of alienation of a people, of a flourishing underground press that was subverting them. Today as they live without communication with the outer world… I remember that they have done so almost every harsh winter, when the snows were so heavy there were no working phone lines, no electricity, no television , water pipes burst, roads were blocked, and the underground press said…”see how India doesn’t care about you….” Yes I’ve been there.. Snowed into my barrack by a frozen lake at the university campus ….until someone dug me out and rescued me ..

The tragedy of Kashmir can be felt more keenly if we look at the tremendous efforts that had been made towards progress in…

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