Need to speak with Kasmiri people…not world!

संजय सोनवणी (Sanjay Sonawani) India need not speak with Pakistan or any other nations on Kashmir, but the imminent need is to speak with Kashmiri people and take them into the confidence. A sense of brotherhood needs to be created with honest humanitarian efforts. Otherwise, we may keep the land but will lose the people… Continue reading Need to speak with Kasmiri people…not world!

What we the people can do for J&K and Ladakh?

संजय सोनवणी (Sanjay Sonawani) Posted: 20 Sep 2019 08:17 PM PDT         After 45 days since the Article 370 and 35 (a) was quashed, still, the valley is almost shut down. Even if occasionally restrictions are lifted by the government, fearing threats of the separatists' shop owners keep their shops closed while very few… Continue reading What we the people can do for J&K and Ladakh?