why tashkent needs to be in your travel bucket list

हम अक्सर दुनियोंके देखते है तो इस हिस्सेको भुल जाते है. शायद बहुत सालोतक ये सोव्हियत रशिया हिस्सा रहे इसलिये ऐसा होता है. लेकिन आपको पढकर ये जानकारी मिलेगी की ये सिर्फ दुनियाका हिस्सा नही, दुनियाको रास्ता दिखानेवाले लोगोंके मुल्क है

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I bet you never thought of Tashkent as a candidate for your travel bucket list. Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand in Uzbekistan—of course. But Tashkent? It’s the administrative centre. Aren’t capital cities of historically rich countries drab and dry in comparison? Well, at least that is the assumption we most often live with. A fair enough one, for they often are so, serving as entry and exit points for air travel, or are confined to business and politics.

But some are a bit more. Tashkent is one of them. Now I am not saying it is steeped in history or burgeoning with attractions like the rest of the country. You may well be disappointed if you expect too much. You may even get cross with me for my recommendation. 🙂

Known as Tashkent or Toshkent, meaning ‘Stone City’ since the 11th Century, it is a showcase of ‘modern Uzbekistan’, a…

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