How to win war?

This is story of Kashmiri people

Saba Niaz siddique

I’m going to tell you the golden rule, for that nations, are dying to know. You might have known it, if not, then you will definitely be thankful to me.

War can’t be won just because of advanced weapons, but it’s your spirit, your courage, your strength that gets you to the glorious victory stand.

Yes, the above-written words are absolutely right. Your courage determines your position at the victory stand. Actually, courage is not the name to fire, courage is not to fire.

If using advanced technological arms on unarmed humans is called victory, then never will wish for that victory.

How would you win when you turn gardens into shambles?.

How would you win when children cry not for their broken toys, but for the wounds marked their bodies miserably?.

How would you win when a mother lost her conscious not because of the age factor, but…

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