Princes of Ayodhya and the Korean King

International story referring India


King Korea 2015

It all started with a dream. A princess in Ayodhya dreamt of a handsome king who wanted to marry her. Thousands of miles apart, across the sea, a king also had the same dream. The princess dared. Travelling a thousand miles from the holy city she reached the shore and set sail on a boat with her brother and a retinue of servants. She carried a potted plant of tea and a magic stone that could tame storms and help her weather rough sea. The journey was long. It took her three months to reach Gimhae( call it Kimhae, if you like, since in Korean there are no separate sounds for Ka, Kha, Ga and Gha) in Korea in AD 48. Princes Suri Ratna was 16 years old when she reached Gimhae in Korea.

King Kim Su-rohad already had a premonition about the arrival of the princess. He…

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