International Mother Language Day

आजच्या दिवशी पुर्वीच्या पुर्व पाकिस्तानातील ४ बंगाली मुलांना ठार मारण्यात आले. त्यांना मारण्याचे कारण ते त्यांच्या मातृभाषेचा म्हणजे बंगालीचा प्रसार करत होते. त्यांच्या स्मरणार्थ आजचा दिवस हा आंतरराष्ट्रीय मातृभाषा दिन म्हणून साजरा केला जातो.

365 Holidays a Year

February 21 is International Mother Language Day. It has been observed yearly since 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

It commemorates the killing of four students on February 21, 1952, because they campaigned to officially use their mother language, Bengali, in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

2019 is also the International Year of Indigenous Languages, and the 2019 Mother Language Day theme is “Indigenous languages matter for development, peace building and reconciliation.”

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