global travel shot: nalanda, the world’s first residential international university

ज्ञानाची उपासना करणाऱ्याची परंपरा असलेल्या या देशातील प्राचीन विद्यापीठाबाबत हा लहानसा लेख. जागतिक विद्यापीठ नालंदा – प्रसिद्ध ट्रॅव्हल ब्लॉगर रमा आर्या यांच्या ब्लॉगवरून…..

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When writing the title of this post, I found myself in a bit of a quandary. Should I call it a global travel shot or an Indian travel shot? The former won.

The above image is of the red brick ruins of the world’s first residential international university—Nalanda Mahavihara—built in the Indian state of Bihar in the 5th Century AD. To be more specific, it is an image of the stupa marking the nirvana of Sariputra, Buddha’s famed disciple, within the university. A Sanskrit name, Nalanda means giver of lotus stalks; mahavihara translates to great monastery.

Founded by Gupta dynasty ruler Kumaragupta I [413 – 455 AD], the campus was extended by King Harshavardhana of Kannauj [606 – 647 AD] and the Pala kings of East India [8th – 12th Century AD]. Though it started losing its stature towards the end, its final demise came in the form of Bakhtiyar…

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