Human rights activists’ mother Rosa Park

Rosa Park’s 13th death anniversary is on October 24. This article gives information about Rosa Park, which is considered to be the mother of human rights activists

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What can i do alone? This is our usual question. The answer can be found in the story of Rosa Park. Who is the Rosa Park? What did she do? The story is very big and painful. This story about showing cruel side of humanity and the American attitude for the African people is to make them slaves and implement them for a lifetime.

That is the 16th century America. Plenty of Land but shortage of workforce. At that time, when people came to America all from Europe in search of bright future sees Africa .Africa with Black colored man & women. The people who are not experienced about the world ,people who connect with their surrounding nature, Africa’s people.

Then start a terrible sin of cheating, cruelty and inhumanity.

A big boat stands on the coast of Africa. Music can be heard from that boat, some white men landed on the shore, invite people on the coast to dance on the boat, to be invited to the banquet. Music lover African men and women walk on a boat through small shifts. There is a dining arrangement with wine. Dance is going on with music. The Captain has noticed that as many as expected people are here on the boat. Slowly the boat leaving edge, the edges are going long. The still drug and alcohol addiction is not gone. But as slowly as they wake up, the waves of the sorrow are spreading on the ship. Requests are made to stop the boat and go back to home again. A person trying to resist is being shot directly and his dead body is thrown straight into the sea. Now this boat does not stop, it is no longer possible to see your home again. But there is a different movement on the boat. The chains are coming out, every black person and woman are tied in a chain. Now these are not people , this goods are going for sale.

Now it’s a second sight. A city on the shore of the US. The crowd gathered in the big square. Five or six black people are standing on a square in the square. Some men, some women, some children. The auctioneer, trying to sell the goods at a maximum price, convincing people how they are working. People are going around and checking these goods. Now the auction is complete. Sales of humanity have been completed.

Their was different ideas of phishing, cruelty and inhumanity. Hundreds of ships filled with such men went towards the United States. Millions of blacks broke away from our house and were roasted in the USA’s grass farmer’s farm.

Hundreds of years have passed. Many generations of blacks have been enslaved. But gradually the days have changed. One day, the United States President Abraham Lincoln banned the people from taking over as slaves, and after a major conflict there was the release of black slavery.


The Historical bus in with Rosa Park start her travel


Rosa Park, child of one of the same kind of slaves. Slavery ended but poverty did not end. Disregarding community is not over. Rosa, living in the Montgomery town of Alabama, and working as a salesgirl in a shop. Bus service was the basis of the city to go to work and return. But this bus have one law. The back half places for the black people and the next half place for the whites. And yes, another one. If all the places of the whites are filled up and a white traveler is standing, then all the passengers in the first line of the blacks should stand up and make the place for the white. The driver of the bus should keep an eye on all this. In this regard, he was also a policeman. If a black person refused , then he would have been charged with a lawsuit and was also held in jail. Obviously, Rosa has to travel as standing for many times. Once she accidentally entered the bus by the front door, the driver took her down and pushed back to the back door. The bus went away till she reached the door. On that day Rosa had to wait for another bus to go to work.

One such day was on 1 st December of 1955. Rosa was back from work. She got into the bus. All the previous rows were filled. She sat on first row for blacks. The bus was on her route, and after some time the ranges of the whites were filled. The driver noticed that some white passengers were standing. He stopped the bus and asked all passengers of the first line to get up from their place. Everybody except Rosa rose and stood up. The driver shouted at Rosa, “Why do not you get up? “Rosa’s answer is,” I do not think I’m have to get up. “Rosa did not leave her place behalf of repeatedly telling by drivers and other passengers.. Eventually the driver called the police and Rosa was arrested. Her departure was done in jail. That’s the case.

The news of Rosa,s imprisonment spread throughout the city. All the leaders of the blacks came together. They appealed to black people to boycott Montgomery city bus service. And one movement of a transformation stood up. This boycott lasted for 381 days. During this period, the blacks preferred to go to work. The black taxi driver started serving black passengers in bus fair. There was a lot of pressure on them, but they remained firm. Blacks were most user of city bus service. Obviously the city bus service had to be lost. On one hand, the case was started in court. The court finally gave the result of the discrimination that is illegal in city bus services.

The name of this movement is taken as a major battle of human rights struggle. This movement led to the rise of Martin Luther King II. He took the agonizing agitation to higher level. A woman refused to get up only from the her seat, but there was a huge change in the world. The power of the common man showed by Rosa Park.

After this movement, everyone knew the name of Rosa Park, but there was no difference between her financial position. Instead, she was removed from her work. Her husband also had to quit his work. After some time, they have to to leave Montgomery.

Rosa Park left the world in October 2005 in the city of Dayrights in Michigan. On the next day, the first seat of Montgomery and Detroit City’s bus seats was tied in a black ribbon and a “reserve” was kept. Today Rosa Park is recognized as the mother of the fighters for human rights worldwide.

This story about power of common man or woman, Rosa Park.

Ghanshyam Kelkar, Baramati

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  1. I knew very little about Rosa Park. My class 7 political science text book had a short note about the bus incident. This information had deeper insight on her which I never heard before. I like to share this information with my friends.

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