Sai Baba – Many questions

sai baba image

Narendra Modi has just come to Shirdi. His photograph with Sai Baba, idol published in newpapers & social media. At that time many questions came to mind, awkward awake. I was proud at one time for our Specialty culture, but I did not know what kind of footpath to use to understand this .

To be seen, Saibaba has been a fakir, all-life-long living in a mosque. Kafani, who showed signs of being a Muslim, continued up to the end. Although his disciples and followers tried to make him a pure Hindu by making all efforts, he could not even doubt the fact that he was a Muslim. For such a person, pro-Hindu prime minister has to come & pray. They got mostly Hindu devotees. They are transformed into incarnations. Shirdi became richest religious city in Maharashtra. What is This, the liberal liberalism down in the Indian man, the invention of Hindu philosophy that is standing on the feet of secularism, OR any more?

Another one, The jewelery worth crores of rupees is lifted on them, who is fakir in his hole life? Why do the people from all India struggle for their favors?

It is difficult to understand. But if you understand it, it can be a good example for Hindus and Muslims in India to reduce their struggle.

In fact, the entire episode of Saibaba will go against both the Hindus and the Muslims. Islam is not acceptable to worship any idol. To make a dead person a idol and worship him as God, Hindu religion does not agree too. Shankaracharya expresses his displeasure on this. But Saibaba, who is not acceptable to both the religions, is very popular in millions & million people with both religions. The reason behind this is not understandable. Leave the person who does not believe in anybody, but any person of faith is sensitive to his own religion. Why do such religious minded people, despite the principles of religion, multiply millions of people come on the feet of Saibaba?

I do not have the same answer, but I am trying to find the answers. Please tell me if you find the answer

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